New and Important Information for 2021

Below you will find a summary of key changes for 2021 that will impact you as an Exhibitor or Contractor, but please make sure to read the whole manual for full details. The manual provides both recommendations and mandatory rules. 


Due to COVID-19 we have introduced some new measures and regulations to IGTM 2021 and further details can be found across the manual. Please pay particular attention to the new stand build regulations, shell scheme pages, tasks/deadlines and cleaning and hygiene sections.


Details about how we plan to keep our attendees safe, and changes you should expect to see at the event can also be found here;

  • Exhibition Timetable – Provides information of the build up, show open, and breakdown dates and times.
  • Badges & Passes    
    •  IGTM 2021 is pre-registration only. All attendees need to pre-register online prior to arrival and download their badges from the exhibitor portal.
    • All stand personnel required on the stand during the event days, including stand-by contractors, catering and hostess staff must be allocated a badge through the exhibitor portal and will come out of the exhibitor badge allocation.
    • Contractors are now required to register in advance for access during build and breakdown.
    • COVID Status - Please be aware of the following key safety measures that will be place at IGTM:
      • To ensure the safety of the event following pilot event results and latest government advice, everyone entering IGTM will be required to provide one of the following:

1. Proof of full course of vaccination.

2. Proof of negative COVID test within the last 48 hours (Lateral flow test is accepted).

3. Proof of natural immunity shown by a positive PCR test result for COVID-19.

Further details regarding of how to provide your COVID status will be communicated with you prior to the event.

  • Sustainability - Our new Exhibitor Environmental Checklist is now available and has useful tips to lower your environmental footprint whilst you are exhibiting with us.
  • Stand Build Regulations - This section contains information about the rules and regulations for designing your stand and participating at the event. There are several important changes for 2021. 
    • No longer permitted for 2021:
      • Double Decker structures
      • Ceilings on stands.

                Please click here for the full breakdown of 2021 stand regulations.

  • Your Tasks & Order Deadlines - Please pay extra attention where deadlines may now be earlier than previous years due to new lead times as a result of COVID-19.
    • All exhibitors are responsible for having COVID-19 H&S Documentation in place. COVID-19 H&S Documentation should include, but is not limited to:
      • The Exhibitor Responsibilities Form
      • A detailed risk assessment for show open, identifying any risks with working onsite and what control measures are put in place to protect both your workers and others from COVID-19. This does not need to be submitted but must be available if requested.
      • A risk assessment inc COVID 19 for build and breakdown (only required from space only stands, or shell scheme stands who are building within their stand – submit via SCS)
      • Any other documents you, or your contractors deem necessary e.g. COVID-19 Contingency Plan, Travel policies etc. We do not need copies of these documents.
  • Logistics, Lifting & Delivery 
    • All deliveries must be made directly to the official lifting contractor. You can either then collect these yourself or arrange for the lifting contractor to deliver to your stand. 
    • Consider methods to reduce frequency of deliveries.
    • Encourage drivers to stay in their vehicles where this does not compromise their safety and existing safe working practice.
    • It is essential that all material and freight is kept within the build area and not in the aisles/foyers etc. Build materials/furniture/AV and freight may need to be scheduled for different arrival times.

    More details here.

  • Venue & General Information – Detailed information on the venue including the address and other specific details you may find useful. The venue has made some changes to operational measures in order to provide a safe environment for everyone. Please click here for more information.
    • Cleaning and Hygiene
      • You should consider enhanced and visible cleaning regimes throughout the event to complement the venues additional measures e.g. hiring a dedicated stand cleaner for open days. All high touch points should be regularly cleaned with appropriate cleaning materials during build, show open and breakdown.
      • Provide visible hand sanitisers for both staff and visitors on your stand.
      • For full details on the cleaning packages available click here.
  • Exhibitor Catering
    • All food and drink to be consumed on or given away from your stand should be purchased from the venues official catering supplier. To place an order or to discuss specific requirements, please contact them via email directly, Exhibitors wishing to provide their own stand catering must be aware and compliant to the *Food Information Regulation EU1169/2011, adhere to any regulations within the eGuide and be aware that concession fees may apply. Please also note for any alcohol purchased outside of the venue caterers you will need to ensure that you have a Personal License Holder.  We reserve the right to stop any food or drink being offered that has not been preapproved by the Organisers and venue.
  • Exhibitor & Contractor Welfare -  Useful steps to prioritise contractor & supplier welfare


WARNING: Unsolicited Marketing Communications

It has come to our attention that our customers are increasingly being targeted by companies claiming to supply exhibitor/visitor/participant lists and details relating to our events and products at a cost.  Be vigilant – this data is likely fraudulent.  If you receive any such unsolicited offers, please do not respond unless you have checked with us first.

Reed Exhibitions Limited does NOT sell or pass your data to any third party without your permission.

Exhibition Timetable


Date Hours Action
Saturday 16th Oct
0800hrs - 1800hrs
Space Only build
Sunday 17th Oct
0800hrs - 1800hrs
Space Only build
Monday 18th Oct (also Golf Day)
0800hrs - 1800hrs
Space Only & Shell scheme dressing

All stand-fitting & construction must be completed by 1800hrs on Monday 18th Oct. Only stand dressing should take place on Sunday 17th Oct.

Please note: Shell Scheme and Exhibitors are only permitted to set up on Monday 18th Oct in order for us to monitor and control exhibitor and contactor numbers in the hall during build. If you require access on prior to this date, please email


Date Hours Action
Tuesday 19th Oct
1000hrs – 1730hrs
Exhibitor access from 0900
Wednesday 20th Oct
0915hrs – 1730hrs
Exhibitor access from 0900
Thursday 21st Oct
0915hrs – 1630hrs
Exhibitor access from 0900


Date Hours Action
Thursday 21st Oct
1630hrs - 2200hrs
Removal of portable exhibits & displays
Friday 22nd Oct
0800hrs – 1600hrs
General dismantle of stand fitting

Halls must be clear of exhibitors, stand contractors, and stand fittings including waste material by 1600hrs on Friday 22nd Oct. Exhibitors will be charged for any stand construction materials left by their contractors.

*If you are working onsite during the build up and breakdown periods you will be expected to wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment. You will be checked by security as you enter the venue to ensure you have a high viability vest and suitable footwear (no opened toed shoes or heels). 

Badges & Passes

Please ensure that you and your team have received, read and understood the admissions policy - a copy can be downloaded here.


Exhibitor Personnel Badges

For security reasons every member of your stand staff must wear an Exhibitor badge in order to gain admission to the hall. This provides access to the show during build up and breakdown times as well as the open period. It is requested that exhibitors wear their badges at all times during the event. Exhibitor Personnel Badges can be ordered online through the Exhibitor Portal. It is the responsibility of the Main Stand Holder to order and register badges for each person that will be working on the stand during the show as Exhibitor Badges are non-transferrable.

See here for further information regarding COVID status requirements.


Contractor Badges - Build and Breakdown

Before arriving onsite, please ensure that you and your team have received, read and understood the site rules - a copy can be downloaded here.

At IGTM 2021, All contractors and exhibitors will now be required to register their details and complete the site induction before they will be allowed into the exhibition halls. You will receive an e-badge once you have completed the process which you will need to use as access into the halls for build and breakdown each day. Please note that exhibitor badges are for show open only and cannot be used on build or breakdown days.

Contractor Registration is now live and every contractor coming onsite for build or breakdown should follow the below instructions to register themselves and complete the site induction before arriving onsite. Please share this information with all contractors coming onsite for build and break down. It is strongly advised you complete your registration in advance of arriving onsite to avoid delays.


Before coming onsite:

1.       Scan the QR code below with your mobile phone, or alternatively download the TAAP Visitor Book App to scan the QR code.

2.       Fill in the registration form, attach a photo of yourself (this will be used to make sure the badge belongs to you onsite) and review the site rules.

3.       Press ‘Submit’ to generate your e-badge which is valid for build and breakdown.

4.       Save the e-badge to your phone to take onsite with you.



1.       When you arrive onsite show your e-badge to security who will check your photo and then let you in to the exhibition halls. This will be done every time you enter the exhibition halls so make sure you have your e-badge easily accessible.

To avoid delays we strongly recommend you complete your registration in advance.

The data collected from the submission of this form is shared with relevant parties involved in the organisation of IGTM. For further information please view our Privacy Policy.

Please note that contractor registration is in addition to the COVID-19 status checks taking place onsite. For more information please click here

If you have any issued registering in advance, please contact

Please note:

  •  Contractor e-badges are NOT valid to gain entry to the exhibition halls during the show-open period. 
  •  Access to the venue during build-up and break-down periods is subject to persons wearing appropriate PPE and completing the COVID-19 status checks; see the Site Rules for further detail. 

See here for further information regarding COVID status requirements.

Maintenance Badges - Show Open

This year, we are unable to issue maintenance passes to contractors for the show open period. If you require access to a stand during show open your badge must be included in the exhibitor badge allocation.

If you require contractor access to your stand after show close please contact the organisers office before 1200hrs that day to arrange access. 


IGTM is committed to promoting sustainability in exhibitions and we continually work with venues, suppliers and contractors to reduce the impact our activities have on the environment.

RX recently launched their Sustainability Charter for Events in 2020, which was guided by the UN Sustainable Development Goals and has helped to give greater considerations for the ways in which IGTM is organised. We also follow eGuide’s sustainability guidelines, found on page 134. To download please click here.  

To support these goals, we have created an Exhibitor Sustainability Checklist which you can utilise in the planning of your participation at IGTM.

We are also pleased to announce the below sustainable initiatives that you can participate in at the event:

  • Water refill stations
  • Prominent recycling bins across show floor

For more Information:

We are also always interested in hearing other ideas so please do not hesitate to contact us about sustainability.