Buyer FAQs

How do I apply for a place on the IGTM Hosted Buyer Programme?

Apply online via our form. The completed registration will be assessed, against the IGTM qualification criteria (please see below).

What information do I need to provide with my application?

IGTM brings the best buyers from the golf industry together to do business. Applicants who wish to attend IGTM as Buyers must provide evidence of 3 bookings for golf holidays from clients internationally.

What are the qualifying criteria?

To be accepted as a Hosted Buyer, you are required to fulfil the qualifying criteria set by IGTM.

  • Those booking golf holidays for clients all around the world
  • Individuals wanting to secure business during and after the event
  • Buyers with direct purchasing and decision-making responsibility
  • Tour operator product managers actively looking to source new golf products

IGTM is all about quality connections bringing the right suppliers and buyers from the industry together to do business. Applicants who wish to attend IGTM as Buyers are pre-qualified before the show.

What is included in the Hosted Buyer Programme?

  • A personalised diary of appointments with exhibitors of your choice
  • Up to 5 complimentary nights at one of IGTM's official hotels
  • The opportunity to participate in the official golf tournament
  •  Forge relationships with new and existing partners and supplier

In return, Buyers are obliged to attend a minimum of 30 pre-scheduled appointments.

What is not included in the Hosted Buyer Programme?

  •  Travel insurance
  •  Private transfers
  •  All food and beverage
  •  Flights
  •  Hotel upgrades
  •  Additional nights’ accommodation
  •  Personal extras

What am I committed to doing as a Hosted Buyer?

Qualified Hosted Buyers are committed to attending the following:

  • Actively participate in the Pre-Scheduled Appointments Programme; Buyers will be required to select and rank in order of importance 75 appointment preferences and to complete the appointment selections within the stated timeframe given by the IGTM Team.
  • Have a minimum of ten PSAs per day scheduled in their diary.
  • Attend all PSA meetings and networking sessions scheduled by the IGTM Team and included by the IGTM Team in their diary.
  • Wear business dress as a condition of entry to the Exhibition.
  • Attend for a minimum of three full days of IGTM unless otherwise permitted by the IGTM Team in writing.
  • Please note, Buyers should not reschedule appointments as this may cause an inconvenience to fellow attendees due to appointment clashes.
  • Buyers are not permitted to promote any services to Exhibitors during the appointments. Breaching these Terms and Conditions may incur a fee of €1,000.

When can I expect to hear the outcome of my application?

We endeavour to get back to applicants within 2 weeks of their application having been submitted. However, this is subject to the number of applications received at the time.

Please note, you must complete the application form fully to speed up the process and avoid further delays.

What is a Pre-Scheduled Appointment (PSA)?

A Pre-Scheduled Appointment is a 20 minute one to one appointment between a buyer and an exhibitor on the show floor. Each buyer must select a minimum of 75 exhibitors they wish to meet within our system and rank these in order of their preference. Approximately 4 weeks prior to IGTM, our system will mutually match your preferences against exhibitor preferences and availability. Your matched and confirmed appointments will then be shown in your Hosted Buyer Zone. 

How do I select my Pre-Scheduled Appointments and Destination Presentations in advance?

Qualified Hosted Buyers will be given an Access Code to log in to the ‘Hosted Buyer Zone’ on the IGTM website. Once logged into the Hosted Buyer Zone, click ‘Select Pre-Scheduled Appointments’. Select exhibitors of interest to you from the list. You can search alphabetically by an exhibitor’s name, product, or country.

The same process applies to Destination Presentations. These appointments are presentations given to a group of individual hosted buyers interested in that particular destination.

What if I miss an appointment?

Please visit the exhibitor at the earliest opportunity to arrange another time for the appointment so that they do not report you as a missed appointment. All Hosted Buyers are required to attend all Pre-Scheduled Appointments that appear in their final diary as any no-show will negatively affect the Exhibitor's diary. 

How do I view/print my diary of appointments at IGTM?

Log in to the Hosted Buyer Zone with your unique access code and click to view/ print your full itinerary. This will include your travel details and your personal appointment diary. 

How do I change my appointment once it has been confirmed?

Appointments are matched through the online system according to the preferences you have selected, you will not be able to change the appointment. Please email the Hosted Buyer team at i[email protected] for more information

What do I do if my pre-scheduled appointment is clashing with my flights?

Should a flight clash with your appointment, please contact your Hosted Buyer Account Manager.

How can I make additional appointments with exhibitors (SSA’s)?

Log in to the Hosted Buyer Zone with your unique Access Code and select “Make additional appointments”.

What information do you find in the Hosted Buyer Zone?

The zone is personalised for each buyer and is accessed via your email address and unique password. The Hosted Buyer Zone gives you the tools to:

  •  Select your Exhibitor Appointment Preferences
  •  Make additional appointments
  •  Book your Destination Presentations
  •  Keep up to date on what is going on
  •  View your accommodation, as soon as it is finalised
  •  Print your credit card validation receipt

What is the event app?

The IGTM app will enhance your onsite experience by helping manage your time at IGTM. Download the IGTM events app to plan your show on your mobile. Available on iPhone, iPad, and Android

The app is for general use by all attendees and personalised logins will be sent to all Hosted Buyers the week prior to the show so that they can access their personalised diary of appointments within the app.

Please ensure that you rate your meetings through the event app once the meeting has been concluded. 

Is Wi-Fi available at IGTM?

Yes, Wi-Fi is available on the show floor and can be accessed for free throughout the venue.

How will I know what my accommodation arrangements are?

Your accommodation arrangements are confirmed by email. You will be advised of your accommodation nearer to the event.

Your accommodation will be listed in your personalised Hosted Buyer zone, in the travel and accommodation section once this is live. This information will only be entered here once all the travel details have been agreed upon and finalised.

What should I do if I need to change my travel or accommodation arrangements?

Contact the IGTM Hosted Buyer team at i[email protected]

Please note: Changes in accommodation are subject to availability, and buyers would be responsible for any costs incurred.


Who should I contact if I need to cancel my attendance?

Cancellations of attendance will only be accepted by email to i[email protected]

This will not be effective until you have received a written acknowledgement from IGTM. Please refer to the below regarding applicable cancellation fees.

Is there a cancellation fee for Hosted Buyers?

Any cancellations received will be charged a cancellation fee of €500.

A significant shortfall by the Hosted Buyer on their minimum commitment with respect to attending Pre-Scheduled appointments shall be treated by the Show Team as a cancellation of attendance and the Hosted Buyer will incur a cancellation fee of €500.

Cancellation of attendance fees and no-show fees shall be payable by the Buyer within 14 days of the closing date of IGTM.

Reed Exhibitions Limited shall take payment of such cancellation and no-show fees from the Buyer’s credit card (details of which must be provided by the Buyer on registration) fourteen days after the closing date of IGTM if the payment has not been made by other means.

What are the “No Show” fees for Hosted Buyers?

Buyers who do not inform the IGTM Team of their cancellation and do not attend IGTM will incur a no-show fee of €500. This is to ensure that the costs IGTM have incurred on the Buyer’s behalf are covered.

All Hosted Buyers are required to attend all Pre-Scheduled Appointments that appear in their final diary as any no-show will negatively affect the Exhibitor's diary. 

How do I pay the cancellation fee for Hosted Buyers?

Charges will be debited from the credit card details provided at registration.

Please let IGTM know in writing by emailing i[email protected] as soon as possible.

What is the cancellation process for Executive Buyers?

If an Executive Buyer needs to cancel their participation, they may request in writing that a colleague from their organisation attends as a replacement in their stead.

The Show Team shall make the final decision concerning whether the replacement may attend the Exhibition. In instances where the Executive Buyer cancels their participation at the Exhibition the €100 initially paid by the Executive Buyer to the Show Team will not be refunded.

What do I need to take to the show?

It is highly recommended that you bring a copy of your travel documents and your acceptance confirmation as a Hosted Buyer.

You should print your E-badge and diaries before traveling. Alternatively, download the event app to view all your conference sessions and appointments.

When will I receive my event entry badge?

If you have selected the E-badge option, an email will be sent to you approximately one week before IGTM. If you have selected to receive the badge by post, it will be sent to you approximately two weeks prior to IGTM.

What happens if I do not receive my event entry badge before the show?

If your badge does not arrive before you travel, please print your Hosted Buyer confirmation, and go to the Hosted Buyer Registration Desk in the Registration area on arrival and collect a replacement badge.

Can I substitute a colleague from my organisation as I can no longer attend?

Invitations to Hosted Buyers are non-transferable and personal to the Hosted Buyer. In instances where a Hosted Buyer needs to cancel their participation, they may submit a written request that a colleague from their organisation attends as a replacement.

On the condition that the replacement is accepted in writing by the Show Team, a cancellation fee will not apply.

Who do I contact if I have any queries with my application?

Please contact the Hosted Buyer team by email: [email protected] They will be happy to help.

How do I contact Hosted Buyer team once they are at the event?

During show times please visit the General Information office where we will be happy to help you.

If you have any questions which are not answered by the FAQs above, please contact the Hosted Buyer team at [email protected]

Need more information?

If you have a question not featured in the section above please get in touch.