Exhibitor FAQs

What is an Exhibitor Listing?

Your exhibitor listing is your company’s profile on the exhibitor list. This will be used, in the official event catalogue, the mobile app, and website. Depending on your package, you can add information including, the company logo, description, product categories, press releases, videos, photos, and much more! It is a great way to generate leads and promote your company before, during, and after the event.

Can Contractors Have a Pass for the Duration of the Show, and do they Need to Pre-Register?

Contractors will be issued wristbands by security which will only be valid for the build-up and breakdown periods. Information is available in the Exhibitor Manual, accessible through the Exhibitor Portal.

Who can I contact if I Need Help with the Exhibitor Portal?

If the Portal Guide does not answer your question, please contact the Customer Services Team online.

What is the Exhibitor Manual?

The Exhibitor Manual is an online tool for exhibitors to plan, organise and order services for their stand. It details the Official Suppliers to contact, service, and package order forms, important details on Stand Build Regulations & Health & Safety Guidance for a safe and successful show. All this information should be passed on to an exhibitor’s appointed stand contractors (as applicable). The Exhibitor Manual is available via the Exhibitor Portal.

How can I access the Exhibitor Manual?

The Exhibitor Manual is available through the Exhibitor Portal. If you need assistance, please contact our Customer Service Team online.

Do I have Stand Space or an Entry Level Package?

Your contract will confirm if you have booked a ‘space only’ or ‘entry level’ package. If you have booked ‘space only’ the proposed stand design must be submitted to the organisers for approval. The services to the stand must also be ordered, using the Exhibitor Manual e.g., electrics and furniture, etc.

If you have an ‘Entry Level’ package, a modular stand will be built for you using your own design for the back wall graphic. Additional services can be ordered using the Exhibitor Manual.

What is Included in an Entry-Level Package?

When you book an Entry Level Package, the walls of the stand are built for you, and the carpet is laid, power is provided in addition to 2 chairs and 1 table. More information is available in the Exhibitor Manual or, you can contact our sales team.

What is SmartSpace?

SmartSpace is the design & build service provided by Reed Exhibitions, to help exhibitors maximise their presence at the show.

SmartSpace provides a full turnkey service, meaning that everything you need for the stand is taken care of, so when you arrive on the stand, all you need to do is put out your products and brochures.

If you would like more information on SmartSpace, please contact your account manager.

Is Power Included on the Stand?

Entry Level Packages come readily equipped with one UK-style socket. If you have any other requirements, further orders are available in the Exhibitor Manual, which is accessed via the Exhibitor Portal.

What is a Pre-Scheduled Appointment (PSA)?

A Pre-Scheduled Appointment is a 20 minute one-to-one appointment between a buyer and an exhibitor on the show floor. Each Exhibitor must select a minimum of 70 Buyers they wish to meet within our system and rank these in order of their preference. Approximately 4 weeks prior to IGTM, our system will mutually match your preferences against exhibitor preferences and availability. Your matched and confirmed appointments will then be shown in your Exhibitor Portal. 

What is the event app?

The IGTM app will enhance your onsite experience by helping manage your time at IGTM. Download the IGTM events app to plan your show on your mobile. Available on iPhone, iPad, and Android

The app is for general use by all attendees and personalised logins will be sent to all Hosted Buyers the week prior to the show so that they can access their personalised diary of appointments within the app.

Please ensure that you rate your meetings through the event app once the meeting has been concluded. 

Is Wi-Fi available at IGTM?

Yes, Wi-Fi is available on the show floor and can be accessed for free throughout the venue.

Need more information?

If you have a question not featured in the section above please get in touch.